Thursday, September 30, 2010


Doel  Photo: Roa
Doel  Photo: Roa
Doel Photo: wojofoto

PORTRAIT Enter the world of ROA
from MOUARF- du PhotoGraff Collectif on Vimeo.

Roa, from Belgium, paints his larger than life animals in cities from New York, LA, Paris, London, Berlin, and Warsaw, just to name a few. Mouarf has a video of Roa painting outside Paris last winter. It is worth watching if you can get by the music choice.

Graffiti site Fat Cap just put up a nice interview with Roa here

Photos via Roa and wojofoto
Video from MOUARF- du PhotoGraff Collectif on Vimeo.

Bue the Warrior

Rocking Horse  Photo: Bue

Photo: Bue
All You Need is Love  Photo: Bue
Toykyo Kids Winter Collection  Photo: Toykyo Kids

Belgian artist Bue is known for saving dull city walls by decorating them with his happy style characters. Regardless of your stance on graffiti, seeing one of these on your way to work would brighten up your day. When he is not traveling the world painting, Bue works with Ghent based creative agency Toykyo, as well as designs his clothing line for children, Toykyo Kids.

Photos via Bue's Flickr
Video by stefan vandegehuchte on Vimeo

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bastardilla* in Madrid

Bastardilla in Madrid Photo by
click here for hi-res Photo by

After participating in the BLK River Festival in Vienna, Colombian artist Bastardilla stopped off in Madrid to leave some art on the city's walls.
Vandalog has a nice post featuring her work from BLK River and Fame Festivals. Spanish speakers can also view more on Bastardilla's website

Monday, September 27, 2010

Word to Mother

Word To Mother Photo: Fame Festival
Word To Mother Photo: Fame Festival
London based artist Word to Mother was recently in Italy for Fame Festival. I really like his typographic style and use of space available on the street.
Here is a nice excerpt from the Fame Festival blog:
"...we could hear people upstairs eating and watching TV while their old rusted metal panel downstairs was being carefully painted. This, together with the thousands preciousness of the man himself is the thing I love the most about Word To Mother, he’s always looking at weird bits around, he’ll stare at things that you’ve passed by everyday for years but you’ve never actually seen them.
I guess it’s a way to reveal the beauty of unnoticed things, make you realize about their existance as single objects and finally make you wonder about their history. They’ve probably been there since way longer then you have and you’ve just assumed them as part of the setting. personally, I take it as a chance to explore every little piece of the landscape we’re in, to get to know it better and, eventually, to love it more."

Images from Fame.

Ma'Claim Crew with Risk and Revok in L.A.

Revok at work
Akut at work
Finished wall

The spray paint control masters, Ma'Claim, are in L.A. to promote the opening the German Montana store in L.A.  They teamed up with west coast graffiti legends Risk and Revok to paint this amazing mural.

Images and video from Maclaim
Found on Revok's blog

Saturday, September 25, 2010

"The Art of Chase Goes Eurotrippin"

"Awareness Geezers"
"Remember Who You Are"
Check out Chase's latest work from his recent summer Europe tour. Tons of new additions and great pieces you come to expect from the Art of Chase.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Know Hope at BLK River Festival

'and the patterns spoke of a certain certainty' Photo: Know Hope
detail  Photo: Know Hope
Know Hope recently painted this work titled 'and the patterns spoke of a certain certainty' for the BLK River Festival. This looks to be an amazing festival, with artists like Blu, Ox, Bastardilla, and Mark Jenkins decorating the city of Vienna. A full list of participating artists can be found here. For more of Know Hope's work check out Unurth.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dolk and Pøbel go big in Norway

Dolk and Pøbel. Photo: Rolf Petter Nikolaisen/NRK
Pøbel. Photo: Rolf Petter Nikolaisen/NRK
When I found this on Street Art is Dead, my first reaction was dang, murals on barns...  But that was short lived, these works show what a great combination the textures and aesthetics of the countryside can be with street art.  You can view all the photos and a video on Although I have no clue what any of it says, the images speak for themselves.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Artist to watch: Stinkfish

Photo by Stinkfish.
Stinkfish from Columbia continues to get better with every new piece. His new works bring stencils and graffiti influenced mark making together into vibrant murals.

He is definitely an artist to pay attention to. You can keep up to date through his Flickr

Monday, September 20, 2010


Barn, Newberg WI

For those of you not familiar with the mid-west landscape, the barn is an icon along the the open sky and rolling corn fields. The street artist vision causes you to see almost every flat surface with a painting on it, so naturally I see these barns as giant canvases. Looking at the above image, you can see how amazing a Roa piece, or another artist of that caliber, would look on that surface. It will also be an interesting experiment to see what happens when street art is placed into a completely new element. The wide open blue sky with green and brown farm fields would really interact with a piece in a way you don't get in a city.

We are in the process of securing barns to paint on, but if you know of someone in the Madison Wisconsin area with a barn they would like painted, please get in touch with us!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Midwest MuralScape is now live

Our website is now live at

This blog will serve as a place for updates and news regarding the Midwest MuralScape project. It is also a place for us to share current happenings in the art and street art world.

You can also find us on twitter and on facebook.

Midwest MuralScape team.