Monday, September 27, 2010

Word to Mother

Word To Mother Photo: Fame Festival
Word To Mother Photo: Fame Festival
London based artist Word to Mother was recently in Italy for Fame Festival. I really like his typographic style and use of space available on the street.
Here is a nice excerpt from the Fame Festival blog:
"...we could hear people upstairs eating and watching TV while their old rusted metal panel downstairs was being carefully painted. This, together with the thousands preciousness of the man himself is the thing I love the most about Word To Mother, he’s always looking at weird bits around, he’ll stare at things that you’ve passed by everyday for years but you’ve never actually seen them.
I guess it’s a way to reveal the beauty of unnoticed things, make you realize about their existance as single objects and finally make you wonder about their history. They’ve probably been there since way longer then you have and you’ve just assumed them as part of the setting. personally, I take it as a chance to explore every little piece of the landscape we’re in, to get to know it better and, eventually, to love it more."

Images from Fame.

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